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International Business English

Having access to information and people in the world and being able to grasp information from different sources is a crucial skill in this day and age. That is why ImpactLeaders international offers International Business English as a basic personal development course. As an additional advantage we can add that it helps to develop the common language of the our community, giving you better access to members and development programs.

ImpactLeaders international has selected Business English Certificates (BECs), which are a suite of three English language qualifications for international business: BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage, and BEC Higher. These certificates are issued by Cambridge University and thus internationally recognized by international businesses. This is the best foundation to equip our members to participate in an international context.

Each of the three BECs is attained through a preparation course of 12 modules, each having learning objectives of skilling learners with sufficient knowledge needed to get ahead with their careers in international contexts and with the skills needed to pass the relevant BEC Exam with its four modules: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Each of the three 12-module levels of BEC is covered in 12 weeks in a total of 120 physical contact hours, 70 online self-study and assignment-doing hours. These are followed by 60 hours of BEC pre-exam practicing and orientation.

Not just English, also entrepreneurship & business skills

On the practical level, the training we provide aspires at equipping trainees with the skills required by modern job market demands. The obtained skills vary and include most, but not all, of the following:

  • to find a job and meet all the requirements of a successful job application;
  • effectively take part in interviews as interviewees or interviewers;
  • learn how to be successful in one’s company;
  • effective socialization skills;
  • plan for and go ahead with business trips;
  • acquire skills to get promoted to one’s company;
  • learn how to correspond with people properly and effectively;
  • obtain several planning and organization skills;
  • learn how to prepare and deliver effective presentations;
  • learn how to be effective participants or leaders in a business meeting;
  • acquire negotiation skills in English;
  • learn effective telephoning techniques.
  • effective team management and leadership skills.

We offer the course online and offline. If you want to know more send an email to