Our Story

ImpactLeaders international is a program of Foundation Faces of Change. We are dreamers and doers who believe that we need to transform our world. How? By working towards social impact and investing in peacebuilding as the best value proposition for a better world after COVID-19. Our calling is based on training and mentoring experience all over the world with all sorts of people, especially refugees, migrants, students and entrepreneurs. People searching for purpose and peace feel at home in our community.

We want to create a more humane world and economy which takes into account:

  1. Responsible, moral and spiritual development

  2. The creation of emotionally healthy, mutually respectful relations among people

  3. Care and concern for the vulnerable and the needy

  4. Ecological balance and sustainability


We work with a variety of partners from the public and private sector. Below is a list of the partners we are working with at present. Our community grows rapidly and there is always room for more!

World Peace Tracts, Female Wave of Change, AEISEC, ADS, Platform for Expats and Entrepreneurs, Market Leaders International, Apfas Peru, Conajup Mexico, International Institute of Humanology Panama and Switzerland, EXODO Venezuela, GRIT Academy Cyprus.

Faces of Change foundation, and the ImpactLeaders international program, is an ideal partner to achieve widespread social impact. We pool the strengths of different stakeholders—civil society, social entrepreneurs, and private companies by creating win-win partnerships that respond effectively to social and environmental challenges.

We champion the solutions that are making an impact and work on creating an
Economy of Peace

We are social entrepreneurs and change and impact leaders who are bringing a powerful framework to communities, businesses, and schools that is needed for living and working together in a world in peace.

Donate today and become part of the international community of
Peacebuilders & Impact Leaders

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