Programs for Impact & Peace

Social Impact & Entrepreneurship Honors Program

ImpactLeaders international developed the Social Impact & Entrepreneurship Honors program for people that want or need to take on the challenges our society is facing. In every situation you can learn to adapt and be true to your inner drive. Discover how your hidden talents can be put to work by thinking as an entrepreneur. Develop Leadership over your own destiny and learn how to have Social Impact with your job and/or start-up. We can make this world a better place for everyone!

This program is a tool to ignite entrepreneurial talent to enable better participation in society. It is a modular program aiming at qualifying participants to become successful entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs. The program is structured around 6 Masterclasses based on development stages:

  • The Entrepreneurial Mind & Self

  • Creating, Innovating and selecting opportunities

  • Business Modelling

  • Defining Strategy and Market Entry

  • Legal Matters and Funding Entrepreneurial Venture

  • Writing A Social Venture Plan

The program combines an online platform, exercises to be carried out 'in the field' at home and lectures in intensive 4-day Masterclasses. In-between there is virtual guidance of team work.

Online 'Become an Impact Leader'

Our online Program ‘Impact Leadership’ was developed in the wake of the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We had been invited to teach for an international student network ESTIEM in Minsk, when the crisis started and we decided to change our program to an online version.

It consists of 8 modules including an introductory meeting and a final meeting where participants present their Pitches for Impact to a selected jury of high profile people from our networks.

Train-the-Trainer 'Educating Peacebuilders and Impact Leaders'

Our Train the Trainer is specifically developed to train trainers at small grassroots NGOs and individuals doing community work in conflict-affected areas, fragile communities who work with disempowered and marginalized groups, refugees, and economic migrants.

A Trainers Handbook is published: ‘Become a Peacebuilder and Impact Leader, a practical guide’ to support the new trainers with their work.

Our training takes an inside-out approach to peacebuilding which starts with the individual. We use Theory U of Otto Scharmer as a framework, which we have adapted and combine with a peacebuilding model which we have developed ourselves and revolves around building peace through trust, integrity, respect, and empathy.


Online Spanish program:
‘Policia comunitaria constructora de paz’

We have set up a Strategic Alliance with APFAS Peru, the International Center for Humanology based in Panama and CONAJUP of Mexico under the name of FACH (Fomentando acciones para una ciudadania mas humana / Igniting actions for a more humane society). With them we developed a program which they call a Diplomado ‘Policia Comunitaria Constructora de Paz’ (Community Police as Peacebuilders).

It is a multidisciplinary program consisting of 20 online modules for the Police in Latin America. The program is offered online through the E-learning platform of the International Institute of Humanology and can be accessed via which will bring you to the e-learning platform where you can register for the program and find the outline of the whole program.

Online Program ‘I lead my own integration’

Together with the International Institute of Humanology we are developing an online training in English and Spanish for Expats, IDP’s, refugees and Migrants ‘I lead my own integration’. This program will be launched June 2021