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Why? ImpactLeaders international mobilizes people to explore their entrepreneurial spirit so that they can find new purpose in life and propel themselves to become leaders of social impact and sustainability.

How? ImpactLeaders international invites people on a learning journey to unleash their social entrepreneurial potential to solve the enormous challenges our society and our planet are faced with. Based on shared values and methods and a common language; we will succeed together.

What? ImpactLeaders international achieves for its members; positive change at the personal level, finding new purpose and new pathways. Members succeed in building social initiatives and ventures; finding better solutions to generate social impact for a sustainable world.

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Our Mission

We believe the challenges our people and planet are faced with can only be solved if we involve all people. People that are searching for their purpose in life, especially the ones that are currently displaced, marginalized or stuck in their careers.

That’s why we launched ImpactLeaders international, for all people willing to become impact leaders and peacebuilders; developing entrepreneurial social solutions needed to make our society sustainable. We can all become leaders of our destiny!

Founding Team

Carin Beijer

Empowerment Leader

Pim de Bokx

Entrepreneurship Leader

Saskia Harkema

International Leader

Saadet Ozdemir

Saadet Ozdemir

Education Leader

News & Events

Creating a fairer world for future generations

10 December 2022 – International Day of Human Rights

For the occasion of International Day of Human Rights, Faces of Change foundation and ImpactLeaders international organized an event in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The keynote speaker was Jessica Lockhart, CEO and Founder of the International Institute of Humanology. The title of her presentation was ‘I have a dream too’.

Jessica Lockhart took us on a journey to understand her dream of a fair and peaceful world. She is convinced her dream can be realised, because; peace starts with us, so we can do it. But how can we become peacebuilders? The 'narrative of war' is so mainstream, and we have learned to believe it is justifiable to use violence to resolve a conflict. It all starts with our beliefs. Our beliefs, which we learned through our education and upbringing, somehow teach us that when there is a conflict, the best solution supposedly is to intervene through aggression and retaliation. READ FURTHER HERE >>

10-12 Human Rights Day meet-up

Creating fairer societies for future generations

Human Rights are being threatened. We have to step up our efforts to protect them.

ImpactLeaders international organizes an event in the form of a knowledge carrousel around the theme 'Creating a fairer world for future generations'.

Join our offline event on 10 December 14:00-18:00


Opening by dr. Saskia Harkema (International Lead ILi )

  • Keynote speech by Jessica J Lockhart (CEO and Founder of the International Institute of Humanology)

  • Story of Hope by Clarisa Ramos (Human Rights defender and activist from the Philippines)

First round knowledge carrousel: what are the aspects which are threatened the most in relation to human rights?

  • Story of Hope of Marina Tomova (CEO and Founder Changemakers4all, Macedonia)

Second round knowledge carrousel: what is your dream for the next year in relation to the topic and theme?

  • Story of Hope Samanta Morales Madrid (Lawyer and Human Rights defender, Honduras)

Third round knowledge carrousel: what personal action will you take the coming year to support human rights and the realization of the dream?

  • Story of Hope Adam Mo Elhaj (Coach House of Compassion Nijmegen, Exceed24 Uganda)

Harvesting of all the lessons learnt from all tables and rounds and wrap-up.

Location: Dorpshuis Fort Vreeswijk, Fort Vreeswijk 1, 3433 ZZ Nieuwegein (easy by public transport and car)

Register at https://forms.gle/6RUeC6MJc8Rrb1S99


Our Priorities

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals are the framework we use to define our priorities. Each program we offer supports a set of goals and targets. The primary goals we focus on are:

  • SD Goal 4: Quality Education

  • SD Goal 5: Gender Equality

  • SD Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

  • SD Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

  • SD Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions