Become a
Peacebuilder & Impact Leader - Saskia Harkema

We’re all mighty proud to share that our book ‘Become a Peacebuilder and Impact Leader, a practical guide’ has been published by Futuro Publishers. Authored by our International Leader Saskia Harkema, this book is a guide for all people that share our dream to establish world peace. It’s inspirational and practical, based on the experience we have at ImpactLeaders international to train and inspire the next generation of Peacebuilders and Impact Leaders creating an 'Economy of Peace'.

About the book

There are more conflicts than ever in the world, more than 75 years after World War II. The question is: Have we really made a big effort to ban war?

About the Author

Saskia Harkema is a Dutch trainer, advisor and coach, Founder of Faces of Change foundation, International Leader ImpactLeaders international and Global Ambassador Female Wave of Change. She grew up in South America and wrote several books.

War has become an industry. Trillions of dollars are spent yearly on this machinery of mass destruction. The cost of destruction is massive. Whole countries are bombed to pieces in endless wars and millions of people lose their lives. We have come to justify violence as a legitimate way to intervene in conflicts. It is time to disrupt this way of thinking.

Create an Economy of Peace

We can prevent war, build peace and make an impact. That is the point of entry of this practical guide which has an ambitious goal: let us all become peacebuilders and impact leaders and create an Economy of Peace.

This guide describes a methodology and approach to peacebuilding which starts with an inner journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. The peacebuilding model that has been developed revolves around four important values: trust, empathy, respect and integrity.

Make Peace your business

The idea is to make business of peace and to think about peace in terms of value and social impact. With concepts borrowed from business management, an innovative perspective to peace is presented which challenges us to think about peace as the best value proposition for a better world after COVID-19.

The guide is written in a comprehensive style and consists of a train the trainer program, a theoretical framework underpinning the models that are used and a toolkit with exercises. In short a complete 'How to guide' to become an Impact Leader and Peacebuilder and the means to share that with others.

The author and her colleagues at ImpactLeaders international whom she collaborated with, offer a practical, easy-to- use and innovative approach built on extensive experience and having worked with hundreds of people from war-torn countries, having visited many conflict zones and lived under junta’s and repressive regimes herself. A peaceful world is possible. This guide is a starting point to make it happen.

How and where to get the book

@ Managementboek (NL):  Book  or E-book

@ Amazon (UK): Kindle edition

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