Peace & Impact Talks

We're organising Peace & Impact Talks on a regular basis. Peace & Impact Talks offer you easy access to people on a mission to make a difference in this world, make some real impact and peace. Together with our partners we look for gems around the world and get them to talk about their activities and where they get their energy from.  Tap into these meetings and join their fight to alleviate the most vulnerable people in our communities. 

Women Empowerment

Women in Zambia improving the position of women in society

Become a Peacebuilder and Impactleader

Impactleaders from around the world gathered to share hope - and joy about the launch of their handbook

End Polarisation, Build Peace

Eight Peacebuilders from around the world discuss  how peacebuilding from 'the bottom-up' can have real impacts while polarising forces seem to be dominant