Train The Trainers (online)

Educating Impactleaders & Peacebuilders

Our world is in trouble, people are suffering globally, and nature is suffering even more. Do you feel you should do something about that? Mobilize and train people to deal with the problems they are faced with in their community or organisation? Want to make a real impact and contribute to a peaceful society?

Be educated by our international group of master trainers to become a trainer of our training programs that will help you develop a new generation of Impactleaders and Peacebuilders!

Impactleader or Peacebuilder?

What do we mean with Impactleaders and Peacebuilders? Both are people that mobilise other people around a problem that needs to be urgently and sustainably fixed. Impactleaders take the lead to drive their organisation and/or community to the next level. They take on the root causes of large problems that society and/or nature are threatened by. We help you relate these to the United Nations global program of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Peacebuilders are leading the process in their communities and organisations to contribute to Peace & Prosperity for all. At ImpactLeaders international, we promote the emergence of an ‘Economy of Peace’ to counter the dominant ‘Economy of War’. Today even our language seems to promote war, like in the frame ‘The fight on Climate Change’. If we are to save our planet, we have to learn to love people and our planet again by changing our destructive behaviour, only then we might reverse Climate Change.

Why this is the training for you?

Our ‘TTT Educating Impactleaders & Peacebuilders’ is an intensive 11-week program to become a certified trainer at ImpactLeaders international. You will receive online masterclasses and use all teaching material you may later use to deliver your training in your community or organisation. All our training programs follow an ‘inside-out’ approach, meaning that it starts with the individual values, drives and strengths and develops towards an actionable plan to make the desired impact on people and the planet. The TTT is designed in the same way, following ‘Theory U’ from Otto Scharmer. Envision it as a journey that you take with other participants, guided by our master trainers with life-changing learning experiences along the way. You’ll be able to reinvent yourself to enable others to change their life using first-class methods and globally accepted tools from the business world to redesign your social and/or environmental impact.

For who is this training?

This Train-The-Trainer is developed for trainers of all ages, genders, cultures, and countries. We purposely offer it as a live online program to lower barriers. Prior experience with training is not essential although it is an advantage if you’re well motivated you may participate. So if you are super motivated to train people around you to become Impactleader and/or Peacebuilder, and you have a ‘can-do’, even entrepreneurial attitude, we invite you to apply as soon as possible!

Your benefits - together we have more impact!

Certified trainers can deliver our training programs in their community or organisation, localised and tuned to the local needs. Delivery of our program by Certified Trainers is governed by the trainer’s agreement. You will receive ongoing support from ImpactLeaders international to deliver state-of-the-art training programs; online/offline or blended. You keep this support if you’re an active trainer, which includes access to all our training material.

How is the program structured?

The TTT program is organised around 8 weekly masterclasses complimented by an Introduction Day at the start and an Implementation Day at the end, where you also receive your certificate. We will make teams for you to work together with. Every week you’ll be asked to work on home and team assignments. Each team receives mentoring from a dedicated mentor that organises a weekly team meeting of 1-2 hrs. More team meetings can be decided upon by each team.

What do you need?

The TTT is a modern fully online training program to make it accessible for everyone in the world. Some requirements apply to everyone to enable participation:

  • Internet

  • PC or laptop

  • WhatsApp chat on your mobile

  • Google account (g-drive/workspace)

  • Zoom

  • English level B1 (test here)

How to apply?

  1. Fill in the application form completely and submit it before the given deadline

  2. Have a selection interview with one of our master trainers

  3. Receive selection or rejection notification min. 2 days before the start of the program.

Your investment and return

Becoming a trainer of Impactleaders and Peacebuilders in your organisation and/or community creates huge opportunities. The investment needed to acquire these skills and become certified is mainly time and dedication. Because of the social impact ImpactLeaders international seeks to deliver, we offer this program to individual people for a donation to our Faces of Change foundation of € 500*. This fee includes our training handbook. For organisations seeking to train a maximum of 15 people as part of their transition to an impact organisation, we ask a fee of € 12.000*.

* ImpactLeaders international strives for an inclusive world by making our program as accessible as possible. Individual trainers from lower income countries may apply for a scholarship of maximum € 475 depending on the income group your country belongs to according to the Worldbank (see list) , which is recovered from the 30% higher fees for large organisations. Individuals in need of a reduced fee can apply by motivating email to the Faces of Change Foundation (